Ever since seeing the neon sign in the pink apartment of Michelle Pfieffer/Catwoman in Batman Returns, I've wanted one of my own. Lite Bright Neon in NY does some pretty impressive custom designs. I would love to outline my windows with some groovy colored neon bars. Simple and yet graphic and fun.


I wouldn't really have any money left to put in this cute gold wallet by Billionaires Boys Club at it's hefty price but it sure is cute. I have been loving gold of late - especially with Summer upon us. Gold looks great against tan skin and this gorgeous little folded number with it's dollar signs and diamonds is so Richie Rich circa 1980!

We will miss you Bea Arthur

Beatrice "Bea" Arthur
(May 13, 1922 – April 25, 2009)

Caveman Chic

As a kid I loved the cartoon Captain Caveman - yes, I'm dating myself with that confession.
Here are a few grown up versions born of that inspiration from my childhood.

Silver Fox faux fur throw by Silk & Sable

Vintage Karl Springer petrified wood table via 1st Dibs

Swirled vessels from Dinosaur Designs


I want this chair, I want this chair, I want this chair!!! Mariana Antinori sure knows how to do tufting right. And the color of this chair would look perfect in my living room. The only downfall is that it would show all my little kitten's white hair. I dont care! It's wonderful and I won't be able to live another day without it!!! Wow, such dramatics so early in the morning. What the heck was in that coffee I drank?

What the???

While I come across so many fabulous finds during my internet travels, once in a blue moon I come across something that just baffles me in terms of the world of design.
This is one such example. Course, I am KINDA diggin' the pink fur carpet.
Whaaaat??? I'm gay.


Some new favorites of mine: lighting by Homer.

Viva Mexico!

Came across an amazing furniture company out of Mexico, Casamidy, that makes the most awesome leather and metal furniture. It's a bit of old world mixed in with a bit of ultra sexy. I'm loving the woven headboard and chairs.
There is a sumptuous leather desk that I would absolutely sell my first born for!

I miss Paris!

I took some great pics during my last trip to Paris and often go thru my iPhoto library to reminisce about the great times. I decided to blow one up for over my bed.
I'm super excited to see it in place and perhaps get some great vibrant blue sheets to tie in with the blue of the Eiffel Tower. Thoughts?

Eternally Preppie

There's just something so preppie about a little green alligator and while I am not a fan of company logos emblazoned on articles of clothing and bags, I can't help but love these towels by Lacoste. Not only do they come in a vast array of pleasantly pastel and vibrant colors, but the alligator is just the right touch to an otherwise boring and mundane part of the bathroom. I just recently helped a friend paint her bathroom a high-gloss turquoise to match her soon-to-be collection of Jonathan Adler lacquered boxes and bathroom accessories.
I'm thinking these towels would add just the right touch!
On sale right now at

Going Back To My Roots

Being half Mexican may explain what draws me to this Aztec looking rug by Gandia Blasco. There's something quite retro about the dark olive color that makes me want to add a Kartell green table, some graphic pillows and hang a print by Pedro Friedeberg.
This aesthetic is best explained by the fact that I'm a child of the 70's.

Bless You, Muji

I'm a sucker for anything that has to do with Paris and these map printed handkerchiefs by Muji are fantastic at under $10.
I would wear one as a pocket square, fold them for napkins and cook up a lovely French meal or even do up some cute pillows.
I wonder why the NY ones are on sale???

Do Pay Attention To The Man Behind THESE Curtains

In seeking some much needed inspiration for window coverings I remembered these wonderful sketches done by Richard Adams.
Now I just have to remember where I stuck my sewing machine.
Or better yet, send off the sketches to my mother who recently retired and have her sew them for her baby boy!
Perhaps the threat of sticking her in an retirement home at the first sign of drool will be motivating as an added incentive.

Let THESE Bugz bite!

Spacey and funky. These lamps by BUGZ are definitely an entomolgist's dream. I can see them scattered around the backyard on a cool summer night. Agree?

Seriously cool!

I always knew Matthew Williamson was a print genius, but who knew his bedlinen collection could yield such funky and truly fantastic prints? That will teach me to doubt him. I see a black-light bulb in my future! The combo of peacock feathers and leopards is just great.

These Spring/Summer 2009 Lanvin Sneakers are a sure reason for me to hit the gym on a regular basis...and to travel to Colette in Paris to buy them!
Once again, where the hell is my sugar daddy when I need one!?

Kevin Kearns

On my lunch break I stopped in to check out an exhibit by an AMAZING artist,
Kevin Kearns. His work is truly beautiful. While my aesthetic is normally super modern, these paintings took my breath away. From afar, they almost look like photographs. Up close, you see the great amount of abstract detail. Hats off to this wonderful body of work!!! I urge anyone and everyone to check them out. Currently on display at the Stricoff Fine Art Gallery in Chelsea.

Minimal to the MAXIMUM

These desks by Galloti e Radice are soooooo James Bond I can hardly stand it!
Probably not too practical where wire management comes into play, but this IS the age of all things wireless, is it not?

Freeze, sucka!

I'm certainly for gun control - except where this chandelier by Rock and Royal is concerned. SEXY!!!

Can someone give me a hand?

I REALLY, and desperately want these vintage 60's Pedro Friedeberg Hand chairs at Fat Chance Modern in Los Angeles. At $28k I'm not sure I'll ever see them adorning my living room. I found some cheap replicas (below) on Ebay, but not sure I could ever be happy with anything but the real thing.
Why oh why must I have such expensive taste?


Normally, pet accessories that are somewhat glamorous are saved for those who can shop at Coach. Everything else seems to be pretty tacky. If you've ever been to a Petco you understand what I'm talking about.
But, these cat caves by
Scandinavian Modern Design are the perfect blend of style meets function. I only wish they made cat boxes this stylish.

Bad Ass

I'm thinking of butching up my persona for the summer. In addition to my tattoo, I think these "threatening" charms would look great on a necklace. Wait, charms, necklace...that's not exactly butch, eh? Ah well, carpe diem, they are super cute!


When I was younger I had an obsession with doilies. These plates take me down memory lane. And, currently on sale for $10 each.

Happy Easter!!!

Now, I'd like to find HIM in an egg! Pleeeeze, Easter Bunny, puhleeeeeeze!!!

Schmutz or Art? or both???

How wonderful to turn little spills into works of art. Dinner party anyone?

Speaking of Kinky

I am dying to go check out this place, Duane Park. Old-style New York dinner theatre with a hint of naughty. On Saturdays the have live jazz & burlesque dancers.

I've never been to a strip club, and have no desire to, but this venue just seems irresistable!


I'm not really into bondage, but
for this vintage 70's Gucci necklace I'd sure give it a whirl.


My lovely new apartment has the worst wooden blinds ever - they don't even go all the way down. I want to replace them immediately. I'm liking the graphic/graffiti look of this Stephen Sprouse Louis Vuitton print. I wonder if I could replicate this on an inexpensive roller shade from Home Depot.
A bit of paint and a thick brush...hmmmm.

The Princess to beat ALL Princesses

One of my all time favorite movies is the 80's cult classic Flash Gordon. The costumes in this movie are the epitome of camp, and yet there's something so glam and crazy chic about them. The "bikini" jeweled number Ornella Muti (Princess Aura) wears in the Football Fight scene is PURE genius.

Why do I torture myself?

In searching thru all my bookmarks, I came across a long lost favorite rug that speaks to my inner Preppie. If I had this rug, I'd start feathering my hair again and sport a pair of penny loafers. Hell, I'd even start to wear Ralph Lauren again!