Vlad Ass Flowers!


ith two of the least well-behaved cats on the planet I am always living in fear when I decide to treat myself to fresh flowers. Usually I have to perch them in a vase high on a shelf. Even then, it is a race with time and usually between the two cats to see how long they will last. I thought about paper flowers as another option, but this too seems dicey at best. And, paper flowers (or at least the ones I like) are quite pricey. If I were going to spend that much on something fake it better be indestructible. Enter, Vladimir Kanevsky, my savior! This visionary of porcelain flowers makes some of the most beautiful and delicate floral sculptures and although quite traditional in feeling, could seem very modern depending on the vase. I would love to see some of the hydrangea in my platform roller skate vase! I haven't had the heart to look into what these might cost. I have a feeling it would be too painful. I'm afraid my cats have won the battle on this one, but someday I will win the war and own something from The Vladimir Collection.