Play Acting


anity and narcissism are one of the many reasons I love to hate my cats. At times they definitely seem to be obsessed with them selves and are often found in front of the full length mirror, perched on the back of a chair just gazing at themselves. Now, to be fair they are just about the cutest cats around. At least in this parent's opinion. And I spoil them rotten. I lately have grown to love to pretend I am Mommy Dearest during the famous haircutting scene where Joan Crawford (Faye Dunaway) chastises Christina for her bad habit of "always looking at yourself in the mirror!!!!" She then proceeds to cut off huge chunks of blonde curly locks with some mighty huge and scary scissors. Love it! And aside from my feline examples, these beautiful mirrored vases are super cool ways for vanity to take over your floral arrangements. The great thing about these is that you really only need ONE great bloom. The mirror takes care of the rest. And nothing is more beautiful than a flower. 

Stoner Heaven


lease keep it to yourself if you get tired of me posting about Greek key designs. It won't do any good to complain. The iconic design never fails to turn me on whenever I see it done in a good way. Simon Paul Scott is a designer that has taken a new/old approach to the motif and etched it into some great trays and boxes. He also has some wonderful versions of match holders. Every one looks ancient and still VERY modern. Is that possible??? I think so and want several for myself. As the Greek saying goes, "Not even the Gods fight necessity!"

Awwwwwwwww shiiiiiiit!!!!!!


orry peeps, just too busy to write much today. Thought these were blog worthy tho' for a fun post. Bling has now hit the bathroom. Check out Jemal Wright Bathroom Designs for more inspiration for those private moments. Peace.

The OTHER Selby


ext to having my apartment photographed someday for Lonny mag, I think to be featured in The Selby would be a dream come true. Alas, I still have much work to do to get my pad mag-worthy. And, of course, I change my mind more than I need to which makes this blog so necessary. I mean, it's such a great outlet for creativity and ideas are flowing much more these days with summer upon me. Winter just zaps my will to do anything but watch Netflix and smoke cigarettes with my heater blasting. However, I digress. The original point to this rambling is that I revisited the site of Margo Selby. Her textile designs and patterns are pop-arty at it's best and she offers versions of rugs, lampshades, wallpaper, etc. The color combos would be awesome accenting my Lichtenstein. Oh wait, that's right, I don't HAVE a Lichtenstein. Wow, the lines between fantasy and reality do get blurred easily for me. I gotta update my profile on stat!!!

Mens Room


y bathroom is now my favorite room in my apartment. While tiny in size, it is ginormous in impact. From a distance it is almost traditional in that I used a toile patterned wallpaper. Toile is really one of my all time favorite designs - infinite in variations. None so whimsical and wonderfully "boy" is the Toile de Derby by the team at Flat Vernacular. Not only are these wallpapers super duper cool, but the now-married couple who make up the company are sooooo sweet. I had never dealt with wallpaper installation and underestimated the number of rolls I'd need. Luckily, I was able to email Payton, the female member of the amazing duo, and within hours another roll was hand-delivered to my door (in the rain no less) ensuring the installer was able to come back later the same day to finish the job. Incredible people, incredible talent and incredible results! Everything came together no nicely and I love the way the paper looks along side my new Marimekko shower curtain and vintage string-art cityscape (which hides an ugly wall heater). 

C.M.A. (Carl Martinez Anonymous)


iving in New York I realize that sometimes I find that people are not willing to spend money on details. For me, this should be maybe the opposite. Most of us, especially my friends, tend to live in small spaces and should therefore put as much into those tiny details as possible. It's what turns the "shoe box" into the "jewel box". I have some pretty ordinary (yet not hideous) kitchen cabinets. Unable to paint them, they are a mahogany color which takes them to a level of boring I simply cannot seem to accept. I plan to paint a backsplash of a pretty epic and badd-ass design to minimize the effects of the Home Depot dullness and these crystal door handles and pulls by Carl Martinez would be so understatedly fantastic!  Yes, a lot of work for an area of my apartment that functions nothing more than a place to store minuscule amounts of food and only really attracts my attention when I'm making coffee. But, that doesn't mean it can't look amazing, right!?

Sofa, So Good


arisians just do it better, I always say. And, as I plan my next trip to the "homeland" (I'm not really French) I am adding to my list of places to visit, the India Mahdavi showroom. I MUST see these pieces in person. It's quite possible I will be asked to leave at some point being as these sofas just look so wonderfully comfortable and if I stop at Laduree beforehand I will most definitely be chomping on macaroons dreaming of a Pied aTerre of my own. I easily drift into fantasy and I think the sugar coma will prevent me from remembering I am in public. Let's cross that bridge when we get to it, eh? Check out a few of my favs: Bluffer, Jetlag and Oliver sofa & chair (notice the great built-in bolster!)