illiamsburg is about to add another tattoo to its village.  And a bit more graffiti.  I'm grabbing my paint brushes and heading to the backyard to create this mural.  I'm super excited about this project as I haven't done anything with size in a LONG time (mind out of the gutter, people!).  My landlords have even agreed to pay for the paint!!!

I'm not sure I'll be donning the jean shorts and straw hat like Tom Sawyer, but welcome any cute young 'burg boys to stop by to check in on the progress.  Jean shorts, however, on the aforementioned are definitely encouraged.  The 70's vintage lawn chairs coming via Ebay will be a fun touch, n'est pas?

Note: Please ignore my lack of Photoshop skillz



ookies and fortune-telling.  Both bring exciting prospects to mind.  I can already foresee the dinner party being held in my backyard where I can utilize these custom fortune cookies by Etsy's "YogaGoat".  A bit pricey at $10 for place-cards, but what an adorable and chic touch that allows each guest to go home with a keepsake.  I think I'll do it for a choice group of my closest pals!  After all, my blessings in the friend department haven't gone unnoticed.  Talk about good fortune!!!