Fossil Fantasy


or whatever reason, and don't try to analyze it, I am recently drawn to natural elements.  Course, it all has to have that ULTRA modern, sleek, slick edge to it in order to send those shivers up and down my bony spine.  This side table certainly helps get my rocks off on that level.  I mean, caveman chicness to the max.  Those monkeys from 2001 Space Odyssey had the same reaction to that modern black obelisk so I'm pretty sure I'm having the correct reaction regardless of evolution. I'd love to evolve this amazing table by Matthew Studios right next to my bed.  

Giving me a woody!


ou would be hard pressed to find the activity I hated most out of all my experiences as a young lad than the time I was forced to go camping in the mountains of Santa Cruz.  The dirt, the lack of running water, bugs and the paranoid fear that Michael Myers was going to leap out at me any moment all conspired to turn me into the eternal "city boy" I am today.   Now, I enjoy nature and all it's beauty, but only in controlled environments.  What's more controlled than Lucite!?  And what could be more beautiful to said self-proclaimed city boy than these "petrified" stools by Bleu Nature.  I've said it a million times and I'll say it again - French just do it better. 

Oral Fixation


here is something very delicate, but dirty (think blow up doll mouth meets M&Ms) about these little "utter" mouth pots by Thelermont Hupton.  I think I would prefer to use them as ashtrays, of course. I'll come up with any excuse not to quit smoking!