Auto Eroticism

It's no secret I have a rug fetish of sorts.  I'm absolutely GA GA over rugs by The Nought Collective.  These specific examples remind me of the car I drove in High School.  Edgy, but classic, these designs evoke a sense of casual and modern luxury.  Yet another rug to add to my wish list!!!

Hot, Smokin' Hot!

I recently painted my bedroom Benjamin Moore's Dark Basalt - which is a sumptuous Eggplant/Dark Brown color.  I keep returning to the dream of an accent wall of some great retro inspired paper for one wall.  However, now that I've set my eyes on the Skulls Wallpaper by Rockett St. George, I feel my search has ended.  I love the rich dark color and the juxtoposition of something as punk as a skull with a funky 70's treatment in the flocking.  At over $300 a roll, I'm sure as heck sticking to my idea of an accent wall.   If/when I hit the jackpot at Lotto, I'd be more inclined to spend the dough and paper the inside of my closet as well.

Match made in heaven!

One of my favorite artists, Sarah Morris, has collaborated with my favorite textile company, Maharam.   The result are three wonderful patterns and the one I'm featuring would make glorious curtains for my living room.  I think I will ask Santa for 9 yards as my Christmas present this year.  I do believe I have been THAT good!!!