Nice chest!

A s is true of most every New Yorker I know, I struggle with storage space in my tiny apartment.  I've gotten more minimalist in my aesthetic as a result and have become to think "everything needs its own place".  Thus, I tend to like to organize in drawers in ways I never thought possible.  The challenge being, adding more drawers to my environment.  My solution will be to buy a cheapo, Hollywood Regency chest of drawers on Craigslist and transform it into a beautiful haven for all my various bits of junk.   I've located a company that will spray in any color Benjamin Moore has to offer.  I'll post updates of the project as it unfolds.  My inspiration pics are shown above.

Outsmarting the feline

helley, my evil kitten, is always chewing on various cords causing me much distress. Speaker wires and iPod charger cords seem to be her favorites. Does she have some weird electro-stimulation (yes, I looked it up!) fetish???  Well, I'm one step ahead of her THIS time.

I believe I can fool her with these amazingly cute knitted "power cords" by KnitKnit on Etsy.