Summer Dreaming


raipsing around the city with all this snow falling I find myself day-dreaming of Summer weather and a tan body - not necessarily my own, mind you.  I sure hope my landlord plans to re-seed our grass in the backyard as Winter (and perhaps my neighbor's dogs) have taken it's toll.  But, soon enough I will be sitting al Fresco on warm nights and think I could only do this with any kind of style in one of these crazy cute and nostalgically-appropriate-for-me, being a child of the 70's, lawn chairs.  A new take on the classic nylon-mesh banded folding chairs, this version by Plodes Studio remains upscale in it's leather and polished tubing incarnation.  I wouldn't take to this chair necessarily during the hottest times of the day, however.  Owie!
ehold!  The final plan for my new, 80's Preppy-inspired bathroom.  I've already framed the artwork (Warhol's Farrah poloroid and a print by artist, Alyssa Monks)  and amassed the Jonathan Adler lime-green lacquer accessories.  The vintage Burberry-esque wallpaper is next on the list of purchases and as it's custom printed arriving all the way from England, I will have plenty of time to get the Lacoste bath towels, in pink of course, embroidered with my trademark "gay" monogram.  I'll really have to save up for the fabric I want for the shower curtain.  At $200/yd. I may be forced to find a cheaper alternative.  But, I don't WANT a cheaper alternative!!!


nder normal circumstances I would shy away from bold animal prints.  Can tend to be more tacky Vegas or ultra-Gay than anything you'd think was chic.  And then I logged on to the Carini Carpets website and became a convert.  The pop colors of their tiger printed rugs are just so incredibly sophisticated and possess a bit of Warhol influence.  Nothing UN-chic about them!

Get out on the dance floor!


esus, this pendant lamp is GOOD!  Part compact mirror, part disco ball - ALL perfection.  The folks over at Property Furniture sho' do things right.  This limited edition Globe with polished nickel plated disks can be customized in colors on request. Being a purist I love it just the way it is!

R.I.P Lee

incerely tragic news.  Alexander McQueen dies at age 40.  The world has lost a truly great talent. 

Pop Artsy

h how I am diggin on these pop paintings by Greg Bogin!  The shapes remind me of underwear of the Fire Island variety.  Fruit of the Loom could make a fortune during the summer months should they see fit to follow my genius.  My love of all things pink have me coveting the above beauty.  My preppy meets punk bathroom (currently in production) would do well to have a miniature version of this hanging over the medicine cabinet. 

Color Blocking Fanstasticness!

uch to my delight my new Flor tiles look wonderful in my living room.  Course, now that I know these Flor tiles are actually as cool as they look on their website and in practical applications, I'm inspired to do some color blocking designs with them for a bold impact.  I'm reminded of Joseph Albers and think it could be a wonderful way to ground a table in the middle of a room or even off center for those rooms with quirky proportions.  I will use my friend Kate's living room as a test run for this brainstorm, but I have no doubt it will be a success.