Stark Raving MAUDE


aude re-runs have become a staple in my household and the image of Maude and Walter Findlay on barstools a familiar image.  The catchy theme song has been thoroughly ingrained in the DNA of both my cats, to be sure.  Not only is the humor incredibly dry and politically (for the time) charged, I'm constantly delighted by the fashion and interiors.   I can imagine the dwelling to be the birthplace of Jonathan Adler.  The mixing of traditional furniture, wild wallpaper prints and shag rugs somehow all works.  Or perhaps that's my twisted mind at work.  Do the actors even notice given the complexities of their outfits?  In the end, I don't care and draw a lot of inspiration from the eclectic set design and color combos that never cease to astonish.  Here's my interpretation of a modern spin on this unique design point of view.  

As all the family "discussions" (mostly arguments) centered around the bar in the living room, I take my first journey into 70's decor with this lovely Chinoiserie bar from Penny Long Antiques via   A dark shag rug from Marc Phillips underneath gives the area the quintessential disco vibe upon which two "wonton" inspired bar stools showcased on the CSN site Allbarstools rest. As a backdrop, some vintage wallpaper courtesy of 5dm.  The drink of choice for the Findlay's were Martinis, but they drank them in small glasses.  Moser makes some very retro looking, high-society gems in a lovely rose color.  Add liquor and EVERYTHING will look rosey!

It Works if you WORK IT!



admit I have a dark side to my design aesthetic and happen to love absurd details relating to addiction incorporated into my home.  I'm absolutely jonesing, and have been, for Jonathan Adler's vices canisters.  I'm eagerly awaiting the newest additions to the collection - the one with Viagra inscribed is my favorite for no particular or personal reason. Ahem.  Anyhooo....leaning on the morbid side of dark would be this elaborate chandelier made of syringes by artist, Andy Diaz Hope.  Beautiful in it's own right, but not necessarily something I want adorning my living room.  So, as I save up for my JA canisters, I'll settle for some cute (and quite inexpensive for the impact) coasters with pills on them from Fishs Eddy scattered about surfaces.  Very Valley of the Dolls, no?  And I'll be awaiting with MUCH anticipation the arrival of my new needlepoint kit.  I have been laboring over which image to choose and finally landed on a Madge picture circa 1980-when?   Clearly, pre-Kabbalah & the health conscious Madonna we know and love today, but the incarnation to which I am most drawn.



very so often I take a moment to remember to feel grateful I have my Tia Lonna in my life.  She is my Godmother and FAVORITE aunt.  She endured breast cancer and survived!  Her strength is a constant driving force that helps me in countless ways.  So, this post is in honor of her courage and grace.

Which brings us to the color PINK, patron saint and official color of Breast Cancer Awareness.  Happens to be one of my favorite colors and one that I'd utilize more in my fashion and home decor if I were a girl, that's for sure.  Alas, I am only able to use it sparingly but I do and that's the point.  Le Grand Trainon - one-time home to the French Royal family - is one of my all-time-make me faint uses of the color pink in architecture.  All that glorious pink marble!!!  Decadence beyond belief - tho' this is the type of attitude where gross displays of wealth and entitlement caused a few heads to roll. Ouch.  Still, I'm glad this beautiful structure exists.