ll I've been able to do since laying my eyes on the wonderfully kitschy, yet OH SO CHIC, sticker "wallpaper" murals by Payon Turner is trying to figure out how I can have her do one for my hallway without my landlord killing me.  I might just have to throw caution to the wind and do it anyway.  There's something absolutely Baroque with just the right amount of Americana playfulness I find irresistible about Turner's work.  I mean, some things just haven't been done before and when they DO happen it reaffirms my belief in the creative process and I remember why I am creative myself.   

Debbie Does!


allpaper, fabric or even rugs.  These are all the other incarnations I can see that would work well for the boldy graphic and almost electric paintings by artist, Debra Dawes.  Am I right, or am I right!?

Highly Invisible

rystal glass desk accessories from currently adorn the desk of my employer.   I'm not one for having much cluttering my own desk top, but these are so chic in their simplicity and very modern that I am contemplating getting a set for myself.  How wonderful my life would be to have these sitting atop the Craig Van Den Brulle lucite and glass desk!  That wasn't really a question.  If I ever do get my hands on it, you can rest assured Johnson & Johnson stock will go thru the roof from all the Windex I'll need to use to keep things pristine!