Venus Envy


y mind dreams in luxury and fantasy mode. And, now that summer is finally here I find myself dreaming of laying on the beach surrounded by sun and fresh air. Unfortunately, the winter wasn't too kind on my bod and so I reluctantly begin the long awaited diet and exercise program of my nightmares. All is not lost, however. I still imagine my setting on the beach and it includes the amazing Venus chair by the English company Soane. I'm a bit of a chameleon when it comes to my design taste and I've been influenced over the last year by my boss' obsession with wicker. Course, I always tend to find the less traditional pieces that tap into my gay agenda. This chair is right up my alley and is just "camp" enough to make me drool. Dragging the damn thing on the train & ferry to Fire Island will be hard, but if I can swing the expense you'll be able to spot me a mile away. See you on the beach, my darlings! I can't promise I'll be naked like the original Venus, but most indeed scantily clothed.