Get Twisted

I'm on the hunt for a gold ceiling fixture for my bedroom.   This space age meets new age Twisted lamp by Adi Fainer may just fit the bill.   I admit, I have no idea how you would replace the bulbs, but who cares when something is this beautiful!

Here kitty!

Longtime admirer of Piero Fornasetti, I came across the line of curved chest of drawers and immediately fell in love all over again.  The one in particular I swoon over would have to be the Leopard themed gem.  I mean, this is about as close to perfection as one can get, no?

Proper Puppy

My faux-fireplace, while very pretty and it definitely adds to the charm of my apartment, is a pet peeve of mine in that it is NOT a working fireplace.   However, I plan to mount a flat screen tv where the logs should be and hopefully find some fantastic screen to cover it when not in use.  I may even buy one of those silly "fire" DVD's to foster the illusion that it is a functional fireplace.  I would also like to create a mini hearth to hide away my cable box and DVD player.  Then, as you do, I would add some great figurines on either side.  I remember this fad from when I was a kid and my grandmothers neighbor had these funny and cute Staffordshire dogs flanking her fireplace.  Jonathan Adler has come out with his version of these adorable creatures and now my search has ended.  I wonder if this is what he had in mind when designing them as he makes them in right and left versions.

P.S. I love you!

I am constantly running across rugs I adore.  The one I'm falling in love with this week is the Paul Smith Star Light Blue rug at The Rug Company.  I think this would even make the most adorable tattoo design.   A second job would really come in handy right about now as I believe it would be another great addition to my living room.  



This weekend I painted my living room walls Wolf Gray by Benjamin Moore.   It reminds me of the Dior gray and even has a blue tint in the evening that I'm loving.  My sofa really pops now, but I will still be reupholstering it with Paul Smith's Bespoke Stripe in a light gray.  Check out the Maharam virtual library for more PS creations and many, many other gorgeous fabrics.

In the land of Eden

I'm a sucker for any combo of "old meets new".  Another perfect example: the ceramics by Londoner, Michael Eden.  Now, not exactly practical to use as an urn for deceased relatives, the examples shown above would look great on a mantle or credenza.  I'm especially enamored with the chartreuse lovely which I think could be great with the IKEA sideboard I posted about yesterday.   I am planning on getting the ebony version, but IKEA makes it in bright yellow as well.  Hmmmm.  I wonder how the two bright colors would look together.  Very 80's perhaps, but I could always "bling" things down a bit with some graffiti in muted colors.

Split personality a good way!

I've been looking for a great credenza for my living room.  Unfortunately, due to a weird support beam/pole on my buildings second floor landing, I am limited and will probably be forced to go with something I need to build myself that comes unassembled.  I found a nice IKEA credenza I think will make the final cut.  That said, if I could have my dream credenza it would have EVOLUTION by Property Furniture and designed by Ferruccio Laviani.  It's half modern/half baroque.  Genius and perfectly suited to my design aesthetic.  I haven't looked at the price tag.  I mean, why torture myself with an answer to a question I already know.

Let there be light!

Sorry I've been extremely remiss in posting lately.  Lots going on in life, but I promise to get back to bringing you my fun finds more regularly.  To wet your whistles, I thought I'd post about the dimmer I'm adding to my bedroom.  Lutron makes the most wonderful version that definitely taps into my minimalist side named VIERTI.  Plus, you can get the face plate in a variety of lustrous colors.  My favorite is the brushed satin gold color.  Will look especially rich against my Eggplant colored walls.  At $100 it's soooo worth the expense.  I believe in pampering oneself with small luxuries like this.  And it's just plain sleek and sexy!!!

I'm also going to begin to post pics of my apartment in it's various stages to document the work in progress.  Here's a view of my bedroom.  I'm loving the dark walls and the baroque framed oil painting (a gift from Mom) that hangs over the very sleek platform bed I got from IKEA.  The faux fur bedpread is newly aquired.

More pics to come!