Japan - 3.11.11


y thoughts and prayers go out the people of Japan and the communities so devastatingly affected by the earthquake and tsunami. 

Acute Case of Francophilia


egarding indoor lighting, my strong preference, when applicable, has always been candlelight.  It's flattering, mysterious and romantic.  Of course, the most romantic of all cities is Paris.  As a self-proclaimed Francophile, I feel the perfect marriage of these two beliefs I carry have been realized in the form of these "Bustes de Cire" by the French royalty of candle-makers, Cire Trudon.  Problem is, they are so wonderful I'd hate to light them! 

Riveting Wallpapers


hat butch lesbian Miss Rosie aint got nuthin' on the latest collection by Phillip-Jeffries Ltd.  I'm addicted, in the best way possible, to the new line aptly named "Rivets".  So masculine and hard, but the underlying texture seems to lend a Japanese-like simplicity and calmness.  I love the grid patterns the rivets create and I could easily imagine this in my bathroom above the chair rail height tile.  It would extend the "tile" look all the way to the ceiling.  And perhaps make ME seem a bit more butch. No? Yeah, you're probably right.