Gettin' Jiti Wit It


here's nothing like a nicely made up bed.  Well, maybe a hot guy IN the bed, but I digress.  My obsession du jour happens to be sheets and pillows...really, ALL bedding has me nutso at the present.  Clarification: the mundane run-of-the-mill Bed Bath & Beyond bedding department has me sleeping. BORING! What I'm talking about is the kind of bedding that gives you "wet dreams." The Jiti Bedding 2010 Collection has some of the most sheet-staining examples of the simple modern aesthetic I love.  There's a touch of Japanese perspective yet it doesn't evoke the "Zen" that has been played out to the max over the years. I cringe nowadays whenever someone even mentions the word. Save that shit for the Yoga studio, people. Regardless, I'm expecting some insomnia to ensue related to waiting for what Jiti comes up with for their 2011 collections. 

Heeeeere kitty, kitty, kitty! NICE kitty!


heer heaven.  Actually, these pillows by Tempo Luxury Home are more like "shear" heaven.  I have never seen printed shearling and I'm totally beside myself over these designs.  Reminiscent of the carpets sold by the side of the road in certain spots of my home town back in the 80's (what the hell was that, anyway) these cats are just too Afro-chic! They have a certain YSL quality to them and I sense he would have been quite comfortable laying upon a pile of them back in his kaftan-wearing days. They are a fun and fresh take on "animal print" he would have definitely gotten off on - figuratively speaking of course. Me, just the thought of them resting on my bed have me feeling funny "down there". Meow!

Habit forming


eth Neuhaus should just consider herself my new "dealer."  Dealer of design inspiration, that is!  I recently had the pleasure of picking her brain and getting all giddy with her over our views on interior design.  For those of you who don't know, she is the creator and founder of Interior Connector, a website focused on resourcing and showcasing great designers of home furnishings and accessories. There are even interviews and articles by the designers themselves, giving the browser some insight and background into each company. What I love most about the site and Beth's philosophy is that she loves a mix of periods.  It isn't just one aesthetic and the platform is more "curated" than some other sites that just open their doors to anyone.  This has created a really great place to go for impeccable items with a high level of style. Prices aren't TOO bad either. And, Beth and I both agree that for a room to come together it is important to invest in quality and find those special pieces. It's even possible, once creating your own account, to move key items you love into folders for referencing later. LOVE IT!  I have nothing against stores like West Elm and Pottery Barn, but one should limit these purchases or you'll end up with a trendy showroom and not a home with individual style.  As YSL once said, "Fashions fade, style is eternal."  I love that.  And I'm loving Interior Connector.

Above are some of my favorite finds from I.C.