Oh baby!

My friend Suzanne is having another baby boy - or as she puts it, "I'm growing another penis." So, inspired by a baby's room I came up with a forest theme that I think is befitting of a modern Manhattan child. First, no forest theme would be complete without the limited edition gold Kartell Gnome side tables by Phillipe Stark. Simple and chic modern crib that doesn't compete with the funky surroundings is best and the Oeuf "Sparrow" will do nicely! Underfoot, a gorgeous birch tree rug by Angela Adams. For dramatic effect, a wall mural a-la-1970. A grouping of wild mushrooms in table form by Thomas Wold. Retro bedding to carry the 'shroom theme thru in a wild and fun, colorful pattern. Blackout shades from Dwell Studio for The Shade Store for sleepytime finish off the look.

Hello Dali

Salvador Dali has always been one of my most favorite and admired artists of all time. Not to mention the fact that he was good pals with my all-time favorite designer Coco Chanel makes him that much more alluring in my opinion. He was quite a looker too, I might add - well, before he got all crazy with his mustache and started to wear really funky outfits. I'm speaking of the YOUNG Dali. Hubba, hubba. But, I digress. Dali's furniture designs - which can be found at Karkula are true to the spirit of his paintings, while remaining beatiful and functional. Here are a few of my favorites and I dream (a surreal dream, of course) of the lamp in the corner of my living room. I'm not sure why I've been so drawn to gold of late. Perhaps there's a connection hidden in this posting? I may have to take a trip down to Florida and visit the "Dali, Freud and Surrealism" exhibit on now thru November 8th to gain more insight into my design psyche.

Happy Independence Day!!!

Patriotic and sumptuous is the only way to describe this fantastic sofa by Andrew Martin.