Giving Me A Boner


eems many designers are hip to the chevron pattern of late. And, while I love a good trend, this one is becoming somewhat too obvious for my taste.  So, I send my energy out to the universe to put an end to my visual boredom and before long the Gods answer these prayers and present me with another classic re-envisioned in a modern way - HERRINGBONE (sister of sorts to the chevron). Longtime fan of Czech crystal, the company Artel has created a variety of colored glassware and barware. My favorite, of course, being the Herringbone tumblers (in Aqua and Olive, please). I don't drink and these are quite expensive for glassware, but I venture to think you could buy just one and be in possession of a beautiful vase. With my birthday looming in the near future readers of this blog should take special note. Cheers!

It's Showtime Folks!


re you cock generous? Then you would identify with the character of Joe Gideon in Bob Fosse's masterpiece, All That Jazz. I had the pleasure of finally seeing this film on the big screen last night as part of IFC's Queer/Art/Film Summer 2011 line-up. I admit some of the musical numbers were not my cup of tea and the constant smoking made me want to light up every 5 minutes alongside Joe, but I was totally enthralled with the set design and interior shots. It was so New York, so late 70's, so stylized and so ME! Now, I don't endorse anyone walking around dressed like a Judith Leiber bag (enough sequins!) but I'm now determined for my next apartment to be a loft. I was loving the juxtaposition of the modern furniture elements all mixed in with the industrial lighting and antique rugs. And the set design of the stage numbers with the large, bright lights were just so over the top and wonderful. I was reminded of the floor lamp that Tom Dixon designed. Like stacked disco balls. Tom is one of those designers who creates the kind of pieces that everyone needs to have in their space. I'm not generous with my cock, but I would be very generous with my Dixon.



etish for wallpaper. Check. Propensity to go gaga over everything 70's-funky. Check. Urge to do cartwheels over Flavor Paper's new line of digital wallpaper. Check, check. I've always been magnetically drawn to murals - wallpaper or otherwise. I think my first memories of a mural wallpaper was some funky ones in my childhood dentist's office. They had scenes of islands and dolphins. Very weird, but distracting so I suppose they served their purpose. The Rogue Beauty ocean-wave and the Boone Speed designs currently showcased on the new FP website are totes boho-chic and in line with my current surfer obsession. An obsession born after spending a few days in Virginia Beach in close vicinity of a gaggle of 16 year old surfer boys with bodies that make me want to slit my wrists. I weep for my lost youth! Er, anyhooooo, I also love the Rex Ray designed papers. Super fun, colorful and quirky x 10. I'm thinking of splurging on the Bucote design for my kitchen backsplash. Certainly one roll wouldn't break my bank....or would it?