Yo Mama!

pecial.  That was the make of Buick I owned and my only source of transportation during my dreaded high school years.  And, it was anything BUT special.  Somehow, from 1967 to 1987 it had acquired a patina which rivaled even the best Richard Serra sculpture.  I hated it! And I subsequently hated the color and texture of rust.  Until now.  These lighting fixtures by Mammalampa have restored my faith in the beautiful process of corrosion.  

Note: I eventually painted my car white and checkered it using black Contact paper squares painstakingly stuck to the body.   

Window Dressing

orgeous!  That's what I'd like to think when I view my windows.  This is not the case and seriously, if I have to stare at my ugly wooden "came-with-the-apartment" blinds for one more month I don't know what I'll do!  I can't afford to sew up something stupendous with the lovely Sarah Morris Maharam fabric I've been coveting since I first saw it, so I've been brainstorming as to what "cheap" solution I can come up with, yet will still add a chic touch tothe room without looking too homemade (ick!).  On my usual Monday morning strolls thru fashion on Style.com I stumbled across the Dior Fall 2010 Couture collection.  Some of the skirts, well, blew MY skirt up - so to speak.  I love the way the deep ink blue of this dress bleeds into the crisp white.  What a WONDERFUL idea for curtains.  I'd do the bleeding more at the bottom of each panel, but what an impact.  Plain silk curtains and a little dye and I'm visually appeased for the duration of yet another year on my lease!  You really never know where inspiration will strike.

Right To The Point

othing would irritate my boyfriend more than for me to endeavor to take on yet another creative project.  As it stands, I have about 4 in the works and not enough time to devote to any of them at the moment.  But, try telling this rationale to the ever churning creative wheels of my mind!  Thus, bringing me to my latest "want du jour": a custom needlepoint pillow.  In order for me to turn this one into a reality also involves needlepoint lessons.  Nevertheless!  I want it and need it.  I was inspired by the Jonathan Adler Disco Lady pillow.  Not sophisticated enough for my living room, but definitely headed in the right direction.  His pillow evokes a certain Liza quality so I went on the hunt for an image of Ms. Minnelli circa her Studio 54 days.  I decided the raw images of her from her sessions with Warhol - shot with a Polaroid camera - were just perfect.  They translate very well into the traditional medium of needlepoint and for about the same price as an Adler.  Check out the wonderful site Needlepaint.com.  Course, the hours and hours it will take me to complete will only make the finished product that much more enjoyable.  Remind me to tell you about my "latch hook porn" I made.  That's a whole 'nuther story.


orcelain tchotchkes aren't exactly what one thinks of when thinking modernity.  Or so I thought.  I have always been an admirer of skilled workmanship and old-world details and Nymphenburg certainly has some mad skillZ!  They often partnership with designers of all sensibilities.  I was drawn to the Capitano Spavento figurine from their Couture line, birthed out of a collaboration with fashion designer Gareth Pugh.  It embodies just enough of the funky, punky attitude I love.  Reminds me of the Grace Jones erotic dance scene from her cult(ish) hit(ish) vampire movie - aptly named VAMP.  She's painted head to toe in Keith Haring black and white makeup.  I want this "Nymph" piece for my mantle - which could get very crowded, very soon!