La La Land


elicious agony is the only way to describe my experience this weekend and my trip to the newly opened 
 on Madison Avenue. One of my favorite excursions in Paris has come to the UES. Same lovely interiors, same colorful macaroons on display and the same long-ass lines. But well worth every second. What's the agony you ask? The fact that I'm on a strict diet starting this very instant! I will limit myself to one macaroon a day. Impossible? Time will tell.

And every trip to this macaroon heaven reignites my passion for Jasperware. Something about the creme medallions and various hand-painted accents on the walls & ceilings against that lovely shade of muted green is soooooo yummy and happens to be my favorite color combo of the Wedgewood classic. And French is never more French than pastels with accents of black. Je Meurs!