Holy sheet, these are good!


n my never ending quest to give myself a interior design induced heart attack I periodically peruse the Hermes website.  I'm long lusted after their Avalon blanket, but alas lack the $2000 necessary to own one.  And, after a while these blankies have become too predictable in (gay) design so I've given up that dream - at least until they become "retro" and chic again.  And, just as I was becoming a bit weary of my sporadic jaunts to Hermes.com they throw in a collection of bedding!  Fuck me!!!  The dark brown Op'H bedsheets would go oh-so-lovely with my dark brown walls of my bedroom and for something that sports a "logo" these do not have that ghetto-fabulous quality that I hate.  Again, not even close to my price-range, but maybe I could swing a set of pillowcases.  If I have to cry myself to sleep over my lack of funds for these luxury items I might as well be allowed to do it in STYLE.

Divine Intervention


od is in the details, as they say.  And Matthew Fairbanks is a GOD!  As furniture designers go, His attention to details would turn even this anal Virgo (me!) into a slob - if only to keep the drawers of these pieces open so as to share their inner beauty as well as their outer perfection.  The "Michelangelo" marble slab kitchen table (my fav) is so very Tom Ford (another God) masculine, yet exquisitely beautiful.  It could easily double as a desk - for small New York spaces often require such multi-tasking and functional furniture.  And the white lacquer side console is a great alternative to a bulky credenza.  Check out how beautiful the inside of the drawers are, no?! Add a custom-sewn, perfectly-fit lining of some fabulous felt fabric to protect the wood and I'm in HEAVEN! I see a Lincoln green felt.  And green is the color of ENVY...and also a sin. One of them 7 deadly kind, dig? Amen. 

F.E.A.R. (Future Events Appearing Real)


ell, if these designs from Michael Anastassiades are predictions of what the future holds in store for design, get me to the Delorian NOW!  No fear of futuristic design here.  I am loving the gold ceiling bulb and neon tubing is so Blade Runner industrial chic.  I'm also quite happy to see a neon tube adorning a shelf - I myself had the same idea for above my clothing bar in my bedroom, although mine is a marriage of a West Elm shelf and a green neon light bought at The Future Perfect in Williamsburg (karmically close to my apartment, I might add!).  The linear chandelier my Anastassiades is super beautiful and reminds me of the lighting hanging in the Picasso Museum in Paris.  All I'm left with after viewing M's site is the fear I will never be able to afford and OWN one of his pieces.

Ooh La Laa is RIGHT!


tanding in front of a wall of paint chips is like looking into a sea of infinite possibilities - and also a bit like being stoned.  I feel mesmerized and happy.  I just love seeing so many colors next to each other, working together in harmony.  I admit sometimes I even giggle.  Marry this with the look of Pantone and slap it on some fabric and I can hardly contain the drool!  The new line of furniture from Italian design gladiators, Ooh La Laa & Co. are amazingly cheerful.  I'm not a huge fan of the blond wood, mind you.  But hey, that can be painted a crisp, gloss white in no time. 

A Random Obsession


ou can't go wrong spending an afternoon in Home Depot and I often find myself just stopping in to gain inspiration from all the gadgetry and tools.  I can spend hours in front of the paint chips alone.  That being said, there are items all over the joint that just make me gag.  Case in point, some of the hideous options in the lighting department.  I mean, WHY do landlords always opt for the "nipple" ceiling fixtures with the brass trim.  No! No! Nooooooo!!!!  Luckily, my landlords chose something a tad less hideous for my living room and bedroom, but these too lack any real style.  Enter my latest dream chandies: the "Random" lighting by designer Miranda Watkins!  I adore simple yet chic uses of otherwise inexpensive and readily available materials.  These simple wind-chime-esque pendants made from plexi are fantastic and could find a new home in my 80's inspired living room once my long awaited tax return arrives. 



ot to get all Black Swan on your asses, but I just stumbled upon the website of a self-proclaimed "Super Dave" at superdave.se and what David Taylor does is simply perfection!!!  I am in absolute LOVE with his candlesticks, but the oil "candles" are beyond breathtaking.  The emotions I feel right now are probably similar to what Natalie Portman's character felt when she was on ecstasy.  I need a cold shower....excuse me.