Spindly Legs Never Looked So Sexy!

our poster beds never struck me as cool as the versions I've seen seemed so ordinary and conservative.  Well, all those misconceptions just went right out the window once I laid eyes upon this gorgeous take on the style I once loathed.  This looks especially fun in it's black lacquered state sans box-spring.  Sometimes the Italians just know how to do modern in a way that sooooooo speaks to me.  Grazie, Ceccotti Collezioni!!!


On one of my walls in my living room, in the oddest spot imaginable, there is placed a fuse box.  I long for the days when architects put these devices where they belong...in a closet!  Regardless, I will eventually get a leaning full-length mirror to cover this particular eye-sore.  In my dream of dreams I'd buy the DIVA standing mirror by Jean-Marie Massaud.  How stunning is the red tassel detail that turns on the light in back?  The upper and lower parts are smoked while the center section has a special mirroring effect.  This is, of course, just the 70's inspired vibe I live for!!!

Giving me a woody!

I inherited my love of Wedgwood China from my mother, although I don't remember if she even owned any Jasperware (my fav) come to think of it.  Doesn't' matter.   I think it's the Greek Revival inspired designs that always seem to catch my fancy.  And perhaps it was the almost cartoon-like quality of the reliefs that appealed to me as a kid.  Nowadays, I just find them beautifully kitsch.  Here are some recent favorites I found from the Wedgwood site.  I'd love to fill the black one with pink and maroon peonies!!!

Well Hung


Now that my living room is painted a lovely gray, my window treatments (and I use that term loosely!) are just not cutting it and I'm in need of some curtains ASAP.  Course, I don't want something too traditional and it's in my DNA to add some fun and kooky details here and there.  What I've come up with is taking some basic Chrome curtain rods from West Elm and dressing up the ends with these wonderful white studded cuffs by Eddie Borgo utilized as punk-inspired finials.  I think they would look especially chic, and still a bit naughty, paired with the Maharam "Geometri Sphere" by Verner Panton. If I wanted to be totally over the top - and had the pocket book to execute - I'd add some of Eddie's chain mail and studded necklaces as tie-backs. 


Leather sofas would be my anti-addiction if I were to be honest here.  That being stated, I can't help but lust, and I mean LUST, over this love seat by Duane Modern.  Mostly because I absolutely DO possess a strong attraction to patent leather - not limited to furniture, mind you.  Especially when done up in a classic and chic color such as white with contrasting black piping.  I imagine this set back against a window to replace the obvious choice of a window seat.  I'd prop a Vivienne Westwood pillow on it to add some wonderful Pop Art punch. Yummy!

Up against the wall

Stumbled across this wallpaper site DesignerWallcoverings.com (don't let the cheesy name fool you!) and discovered some great and funky designs by Mark Mothersbaugh.  The Seba Snakes are so Adam and Eve-esque!  I'm not religious per se, but how fun would it be to throw up some Apple sconces and a Rubens painting of the original "dynamic duo."

Does anyone have a light?

As you may well know by now I love all things of a modern mix.  Philippe Boulet seems to have tapped in to this particular fetish of mine as evident in his furniture and lighting designs.  I mean, the candelabra is just too great!  I'm drawn to the lit coffee/side table, but feel it would be best suited for a commercial space rather than in one's home.  But, that's just me.