ermes is one of those iconic design houses that has stood the test of time and only gets better and better. Their home accessories are beyond perfection and the chain link inspired Rallye line of dinnerware has roots in classic racing tracks. The chain design is also seen in some wonderful jewelry which reminds me of another iconic staple in my life...Madonna. I once designed a huge poster for my High School homecoming dance my senior year. The idea behind these "crash posters" is to take the school mascot and do some sort of bloody rendition showing the impending domination and masacre of the opposing team. All classes were involved in the contest to see which one would be torn to pieces as the football jocks ran thru it at the beginning of the game. 
Well, not on my watch. I was a Gay. I replicated the back of Madonna's first album and added tin foil to the chain she held across her neck. I loved it. The rest of my senior class was less than amused and we did not, in the end, win the contest. It did however don the bleachers at the Homecoming Dance and someone actually stole it at the end of the dance. I suspect another Gay. 


ou'd be hard pressed to find anything that gets my cravings going like a new project. And, thanks to two good friends who recently re-located back to Manhattan, I'm on creative a good way. Helps to expand my mind when I have something specific to find and I had been trying to find the perfect small accent table when, as luck would have it, I was alerted to Bethan Gray's new line of furniture. Modeled after a classic men's shoe, her Brogue tables are a perfect blend of masculine and feminine. I'm not a fan of leather chairs or sofas (being a child of the 70's I remember chapping my legs on my Aunt's sofa after a summer swim) and have never thought them comfortable. But, TABLES! Yes, please!