Call Your Dealer


ambling feels a bit like burning money and when you earn my sort of salary it just doesn't make sense. Ok, fine! If you SHOP the way I do there's never anything left to gamble, I hated Vegas (except I do love me a good tacky Vegas decor) and what sort of parent would I be to my two precious kitties if I squandered away their cat food money at the Craps table or over a game of 21? Not a very good one. I never really got that into card games anyway. That said, I'd turn them both into house slippers for the chance to own one of these card tables from Soane. The steampunk-like legs in a variety of finishes can be paired with your fabric of choice or in hand-stitched goatskin. I love the navy MoirĂ© version. And, hey, now that I'm settling in to a lovely relationship I need to start thinking about entertaining more at home to keep the man under a watchful eye. Bridge party anyone? I actually think a card table is quite a practical idea in a small space and I have fond memories of my grandmother's card table altho' it did take an hour to struggle with the rusted legs that nobody ever thought to oil. Course, these little English lovelies must be significant in cost given the "contact dealer" notation under pricing. I suppose this now means I shouldn't place my order of four Moser tumblers and Hermes playing cards anytime soon.



t's not what you think! While I do admire a youthful exterior this posting is not about underage boys. This is about an outdoor furniture line by PEDRALI, the makers of some wonderful and hose-down-able (made this word up) versions of a French wingback chair. Manufactured in 3 great color options, the Pasha chair and stool combo (my fav is the jet black) is what I imagine Darth Vader would have had on his Death Star terrace - sipping a dirty martini watching yet another unsuspecting planet go "boom."