Slippery slope

I am totally and completely in love with Stubbs & Wootton slippers.  The needlepoint camo versions speak to my inner bourgeoisie and punk side all at the same time.   They also conjur up ideas for a wonderfully needlepointed chair in the same camo pattern using non-traditional greys, tans, white and black.  I need more free time!!! 

Let's Shag!

Get your mind out of the gutter.  The shag I'm talking about is this wonderful patterned shag rug by Kasthall.  Completely modern, yet with an edge of retro cool enough to mix with all your groovy pieces of vintage furniture & IKEA bargains.  I am loving the dark charcoal "Stig" version and think it could be the perfect replacement for my white shag...which isn't ideal in a "bachelor" environment.  Yes, dark would be better!

Bratness immortalized

Behold, the latest addition to my art collection!!!  The ├╝ber talented Christian Robinson created this adorable cut-paper and paint "collage" of my kitten, Shelley.  Check out more of his outstanding work over on his blog MOSSCOVERED.   He also has a store where you too can purchase one of his creations - or commission a custom work of your very own.

Is this thing on?

Ok, normally I wouldn't post about lighting two posts in a row, but what the hell.  I'm so digging this SOLO microphone pendant from re-Surface Design.   I would love to see a grouping of them over a DJ booth or just as a fun novelty accent in a living room.  Maybe even a whole row of them lined up in a hallway.  Whatever, they are just plain cute!

Porta Romana, I love you!


Before you take another breath, you must first visit the site of the lighting and furniture company, Porta Romano.  On second thought, take a deep breath first as the gasp you will most undoubtedly take could be enough to make you pass out.  What I'm saying is that this company makes some of the most beautiful lamps I have seen in a long time.  Normally, I am drawn to a sleek look when searching for the right lighting, but these lovelies are just so magically rustic, yet still very modern.  A bit on the surreal side of things, they evoke just the correct amount of whimsy without being too "homemade" or quirky.  Course, the company has a sense of humor that is also quite evident.  One lamp has duck feet in gold peeking out below a grey shade.  
I particularly enjoy the chandeliers with the bevy of shades in all different heights.  GORGEOUS!!!

Baroque is beautiful!


They say good things come in small packages.  How true of these darling little love seats from Teo Jasmin.  The New York skyline version makes me want to redesign my living room all over again!  Check out the website for many other gorgeous options and drool to your heart's content.