"F" Me!


iving life in a rental apartment in New York brings a multitude of design problems and challenges. My kitchen backsplash for one - or the lack of one. There is a sliver of marble above my sink and on the other side a sliver of marble placed behind the stove. At least there is some consistency, but it leaves little to be desired. I suppose I should be grateful I was the first one to sign my lease and therefore had first pick of appliances affording me the only stainless steel fridge and stove in the building. The other suckers...I mean tenants, have a black stove and WHITE fridge! Well, after much deliberation over what sort of fun tile I could put in place I landed on Fractureme.com custom (of course!) tiles made with Polaroid images of hunky men. Hey, this gay has gotta keep it "high-class hooker." No crappy tile by the yard from Home Depot for me! 

These dudes may even cause me to spend more time in the kitchen!



f you ever had the pleasure of breaking up with me then you know well what a mix-tape looks like. If I had a dime for every one of these I made when my heart broke in the 80's I'd be giving Trump a run for his money. Now, of course, I exaggerate. I also gave out mix-tapes to those who I never even dated. This was before restraining orders were en vogue. So, if I feel like taking a walk down that painful adolescent memory lane I can now start at my front door with these retro doormats from Meninos. Mix-tape doormats come in four authentic styles and there's also an iPhone slide version for modern music enthusiasts. Meninos rock inspired pillows also bring one back to the days when speakers were as big as your head. My poor head just happened to be tormented by visions of girls with feathered hair who wouldn't give me the time of day - let alone a mix-tape professing their love to me. Ah, gay youth!

Contain Yourself


hristmas in New York is magical...magically annoying. Too many people running around scrambling to buy things and I need a more open terrain to do MY last minute, typically frantic, panic driven shopping. And, the pressure was on this year being the first Xmas with the boyfriend. Luckily for me, he is less than enthused with my spending habits so I could have purchased him a roll of paper towels and he would have been thrilled. Which, of course, made me worry about what Santa might bring me this holiday season. I was praying it wasn't a donation on my behalf to the "Oust Michelle Bachman" fund. To my delight, the BF did good!!! He does pay attention and my Tourette's-like pointing at everything I want for my home paid off. In particular, these lovely little containers from Seletti (limited edition gold). I got the small size to house all the stolen Splenda - my BF assures me this is expected from Starbuck's corporate. It reminds me of Lorena Barrezueta's fine porcelain versions of classic tin containers. When freezing my ass off over the next few months I will dream about serving delicious summer barbecue on her colorful Gourmet dinnerware.