Best of the Wearst


iven the choice to work along side Kelly Wearstler or save my own mother from white slavery...well, let's just say there may be some heavy thinking happening. KW is the perfect mix of crazy and modern. There are quite a few items in my own decorating environment that make people question my sanity. Take my latch hook porn, for example. Or the giant metallic Christmas bow that one adorned my front door, but has taken permanent residence on a wall as a nod to Jeff Koons. KW and I also seem to share a love of pattern. One of my all time favorites is moire. My mother once made a bedspread and curtains in a rose moire. I loved it and yes, it was the 80's.  La Wearstler has brought this back into my life in the form of dinnerware. I'm torn between the purple and the pink, but at fairly reasonable prices I think mixing and matching might be the ticket. We all go a little crazy sometimes.

The Art of Paper


pin Art. All I really remember about this fad from my childhood was that it was extrememly messy. Some neighbors had the toy and I'm not even sure I got a turn at creating something. An adult must have shut down the fun before getting around to all the kids. I don't blame her. Besides, the creations weren't exactly anything that would hang in the Louvre. But, the line of "Spin Art" wallpaper from Blackcrow Studios is 70's craftiness gone high end. Probably too random and special to do a whole large wall, I'd love to do a small accent wall in a powder room - perhaps in a future upstate New York residence of mine. Somehow these iterations of an old classic remind me my idea of woodsy vacation home. Hippie w/ a side of glam. And, seeing as how I really detest any sort of long-term exposure to nature I would have to make the interior of my weekend escape as glam as possible. Blackcrow also make an amazing line of "Watercolor" wallpaper murals too, but at the price of $1260 per roll I better keep my eyes focused on the cheaper options.


Dark Circles


oming off the recent heat wave in NY I am reminded of just how much I hate extreme weather. And, sweating. But, the hot flash I felt when I first saw this mirror from David Derksen Design was well worth any sweating I will do over the price of 1795eu. I mean, anything geometric and brown stirs my inner-70's child. The next phase of my deep eggplant colored bedroom will be heading in a super mod, super 70's direction and this mirror would be perfect over my bed...or on the ceiling? Bawmp, chica baump baump!

Not Even The Gods Fight Necessity


et that hideous thing out of my sight! 

These are the words that landed me a job in advertising. The test for the job I had interviewed for was one of "taste". Apparently, the temp doing the job at the time would put the fresh flowers my boss would bring in into the ugliest vases - think FTD in Wichita.  Well, my reaction to the vase I was shown indicated I was not to be trifled with when it came to style. Which leads me to the topic of vases and a company called Studio-A. I must reiterate here my affinity to anything Greek inspired and these designs in their cartoon-y nature just make me want to don a toga and walk around my apartment pouring my kittens some undeserved cream into their water bowls. I am somewhat of a slave to them anyway so the scene almost sounds apropos. In any case, check out the website for even more wonderful items. The tragedy here is that I'm pretty sure I can't afford any of them. The Gods are vengeful!!! 

Venus Envy


y mind dreams in luxury and fantasy mode. And, now that summer is finally here I find myself dreaming of laying on the beach surrounded by sun and fresh air. Unfortunately, the winter wasn't too kind on my bod and so I reluctantly begin the long awaited diet and exercise program of my nightmares. All is not lost, however. I still imagine my setting on the beach and it includes the amazing Venus chair by the English company Soane. I'm a bit of a chameleon when it comes to my design taste and I've been influenced over the last year by my boss' obsession with wicker. Course, I always tend to find the less traditional pieces that tap into my gay agenda. This chair is right up my alley and is just "camp" enough to make me drool. Dragging the damn thing on the train & ferry to Fire Island will be hard, but if I can swing the expense you'll be able to spot me a mile away. See you on the beach, my darlings! I can't promise I'll be naked like the original Venus, but most indeed scantily clothed.



ermes is one of those iconic design houses that has stood the test of time and only gets better and better. Their home accessories are beyond perfection and the chain link inspired Rallye line of dinnerware has roots in classic racing tracks. The chain design is also seen in some wonderful jewelry which reminds me of another iconic staple in my life...Madonna. I once designed a huge poster for my High School homecoming dance my senior year. The idea behind these "crash posters" is to take the school mascot and do some sort of bloody rendition showing the impending domination and masacre of the opposing team. All classes were involved in the contest to see which one would be torn to pieces as the football jocks ran thru it at the beginning of the game. 
Well, not on my watch. I was a Gay. I replicated the back of Madonna's first album and added tin foil to the chain she held across her neck. I loved it. The rest of my senior class was less than amused and we did not, in the end, win the contest. It did however don the bleachers at the Homecoming Dance and someone actually stole it at the end of the dance. I suspect another Gay. 


ou'd be hard pressed to find anything that gets my cravings going like a new project. And, thanks to two good friends who recently re-located back to Manhattan, I'm on creative a good way. Helps to expand my mind when I have something specific to find and I had been trying to find the perfect small accent table when, as luck would have it, I was alerted to Bethan Gray's new line of furniture. Modeled after a classic men's shoe, her Brogue tables are a perfect blend of masculine and feminine. I'm not a fan of leather chairs or sofas (being a child of the 70's I remember chapping my legs on my Aunt's sofa after a summer swim) and have never thought them comfortable. But, TABLES! Yes, please!