Best of the Wearst


iven the choice to work along side Kelly Wearstler or save my own mother from white slavery...well, let's just say there may be some heavy thinking happening. KW is the perfect mix of crazy and modern. There are quite a few items in my own decorating environment that make people question my sanity. Take my latch hook porn, for example. Or the giant metallic Christmas bow that one adorned my front door, but has taken permanent residence on a wall as a nod to Jeff Koons. KW and I also seem to share a love of pattern. One of my all time favorites is moire. My mother once made a bedspread and curtains in a rose moire. I loved it and yes, it was the 80's.  La Wearstler has brought this back into my life in the form of dinnerware. I'm torn between the purple and the pink, but at fairly reasonable prices I think mixing and matching might be the ticket. We all go a little crazy sometimes.

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