The Art of Paper


pin Art. All I really remember about this fad from my childhood was that it was extrememly messy. Some neighbors had the toy and I'm not even sure I got a turn at creating something. An adult must have shut down the fun before getting around to all the kids. I don't blame her. Besides, the creations weren't exactly anything that would hang in the Louvre. But, the line of "Spin Art" wallpaper from Blackcrow Studios is 70's craftiness gone high end. Probably too random and special to do a whole large wall, I'd love to do a small accent wall in a powder room - perhaps in a future upstate New York residence of mine. Somehow these iterations of an old classic remind me my idea of woodsy vacation home. Hippie w/ a side of glam. And, seeing as how I really detest any sort of long-term exposure to nature I would have to make the interior of my weekend escape as glam as possible. Blackcrow also make an amazing line of "Watercolor" wallpaper murals too, but at the price of $1260 per roll I better keep my eyes focused on the cheaper options.


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