Raising the bar

I ran across this absolutely amazing vintage goatskin lacquered bar in the shape of a wine glass I couldn't believe my eyes. I've not seen anything so cute & camp-ish, yet done so exquisitely. Done by the master craftsman, Aldo Tura, this is just one of his fabulous designs that were frequently limited to a small number of reproductions or oftentimes, merely the prototype. Makes these beauties all the more covetous! I have been searching for the perfect tray to use as a bar in my living room, but this just blows that idea out of the water. Now, where can I get my hands on the $7k it costs to purchase it???

Penis Envy

Perhaps it's my juvenile (at times) sense of humor that has me giggling over these designs. Actually, I think they are quite chic. The Shiva Vase by Ettore Sottsass is simplistic and fun. I'd do a spray of white flowers instead of the bud shown here to take it to that next level of cheekiness. The penis chandelier by Rock and Royal is the ultimate in sex room decorating. Now, for a more conservative eroticism, perhaps the penis salt and pepper shakers by Coco de Mer is a bit more conservative. My personal favorite has to be the penis andiron by the well-endowed (talent-wise) artist and designer, Hubert le Gall. I admit there is a "woman's area" andiron counterpart, but I decided to omit it from this post. Art really does imitate life!

Animal Crackers!

It's no secret to my friends I am a complete fanatic about Thomas Paul. I've long dreamed of owning one of his rugs. His latest creations are inspired by animals. The punches of color around the outside in bold hues and done in fringe add the whimsy I've come to adore about his designs. These pillows remind me of the iconic box of animal crackers from days of old. My favorite just so happens to be the ostrich - which I think is the only animal from this set that ISN'T a cracker. Adorable just the same.

Permanent Obsession

Well, it will be a while before I save up enough money to actually get a tattoo of my very own, so in the meantime will continue to draw inspiration from the numerous cute tattooed boys in my neighborhood. (insert drool here) I'm also very inspired by the various and sundry furniture designs that also celebrate this art of embellishment. I was quite surprised actually to find the CB2 rug with a tattoo bird and heart motif - and for the price point, not a bad addition to a hip living room or bedroom. Throw a embroidered pillow on your sofa or bed - like this one from Rockett St. George - and the look is complete. Another more upscale and couture variation on the tattoo in furniture design is the remarkable and intricate coffee table by Reddish Design Studio. Lastly, the skull chair by Mama-Tried has a dark, rough and tumble vibe. The engraved leather on the cushions shows the same skill that the best tattoo artist would possess.