Bit o' Randomness


entax LX Special Gold Limited Edition camera from 1981.  Gotta have!!!!!!!!

Send in the Clowns


ssuming you are not afraid of clowns, you'll love these whimsical Harlequin creations - part of the "Fantasy Collection" by legendary Jamie Hayon.  
They are result of a collaboration with the Spanish porcelain brand, Lladro.  I especially love the lamp (a high-end McDonald's inspired morsel) and think the candlesticks would adorn my mantle quite nicely, flanking my hanging print by Chuck Shotwell (a gift from the photographer).

Spank Me!

Gorgeous and decadent with a hint of naughty.  No, this is not how Santa described me this past holiday season.  It's what comes to mind when I gaze upon the "Spank Boudoir" chair by Aiveen Daly.  A little too girlie for my current decor, but how great for a woman's walk in closet/dressing room.  Or a luxurious dungeon for those still caught up in the glory days of swinging singles!  

Deadly Obsessions

rtist Berry Phillipe reminds me of a French Jeff Koons.  Course, I love anything shiny and Berry's "Splash"sculptures are just too irresistible.  My favorite version would be the red as it also reminds me of blood and you know I'm always down for a theme in my decorating point of view.  Must be done tastefully, of course, and remember, a little theme goes a long way.  However, a morbid subject matter done impeccably could be devilishly fantastic. Thus, I'd slap up the "Red Splash" on the wall and perhaps I'd add a few "Forensic" embroidered pillows by Lost City Products and leave it at that.  

Tres Dexter-esque, no?

Oh Henry!

hilst taking a leisurely stroll thru the streets of Manhattan this past weekend I happened to walk in front of Martin Albert Interiors windows. On display are the most wickedly fun and somewhat morbid dining chairs with images of the 6 wives of Henry VIII! Impeccably done and embellished a la "The Bedazzler" one would be hard pressed to find a chair for the "head" of the table. Sorry, couldn't resist.

Shown: Anne Boleyn chair