WARNING: Swine Flu Has Hit Home!

Home furnishings, that is. Bev Hisey has a new collection of round "petri dish" rugs that are patterned after magnified bacteria. My favorties are the E.Coli, Botulism (great for a kitchen) and Influenza (shown) designs. Even with these alarming names, they are hard to resist. No flu masks required.

Tit for Tat

As a continuation of yesterday's theme and my misery at work, today's posting is all about BOOBS - as in the "boobs" I work for. Besides, I felt the brand new Lady pillows from Jonathan Adler were just too fun to resist posting about. I'd be very happy to see one on my own little settee in my living room, but I believe they would look quite at home on the pink furry Cipria sofa from Edra. Maybe I'll send my ideas off to the Bunny Ranch in Reno.

Desk Envy

Well, today is not a good day at work. Crazy bosses and drama all about. I bet I'd be better able to deal with this insanity if I had a desk by Maarten De Ceulaer. Course, if I could afford it I wouldn't NEED this stinking job.


I have always been a fan of Pierre et Gilles fantastical style of photography. I happened upon a new genius that I feel has the same quality. Uber homoerotic, yet soooo beautiful in style. The "love-child", so to speak of Pierre et Gilles is a young man, Mikel Marton, who goes by "Toxic Boy". Check out some of his other work and you'll agree with my new found fascination. Not to mention how incredibly gorgeous he is himself! Perhaps I spend too much time on his two websites?

She still got it!

Madonna looks absolutely amazing in the Louis Vuitton ad campaign for Spring 2009!

Can't Wait for Summer!

My bod might not be ready for the beach (still a few more weeks to go at the gym before that happens) but I've totally picked out my beach attire. For me, it's all about Hermes this summer. In my dream world, that is. I love this fun little pescatarian inspired beach towel. Course, I would pack up all my accoutrements in a smart little Hermes vintage beach bag. And, since I never like normal bathing suits, I'd opt for the Hermes boxers. I'm showing the blue ones for the blog, but secretly want the ones that come in pink. Well, I guess it's not a secret any longer. I just think the buttons and 20's look of them would be stunning. That settles it, I'm not eating again until June!!!

David Likes Red!

When I was a small lad I was apparently incredibly competitive with my older sister. She could read and I couldn't. So, I complained to my mother. Her response, "So? Read!" I grabbed a book (ate age 3 = child prodigy) called ANN LIKES RED and began reading. That inspiration stuck as I still get a little (ok, a lot) excited when I see the color red. Hence, this post. How great is this "throne" chair by Blackman Cruz? It makes me want to rethink my living room decor and start a new theme centered around RED!!!!

Coco Forever!

As long back as I can remember I have loved the house of Chanel. I've read and own pretty much every book on Mademoiselle Chanel and have admired and coveted the work Lagerfeld has done with the iconic brand. Confession: I even wear Chanel No. 5 during winter for special occasions. In any case, the latest collection is simply beautiful. It's at times like these I wish I were a woman so I could pour into one of the black and white printed cat suits. They have even put out a Coco Phone - I WANT ONE!

via Style.com iTunes podcast

Nice Birdie!

Ok, it's another post about Wallpaper. But, I couldn't resist. This bird inspired paper is something I could imagine in the library of Sir Alfred Hitchcock. I'm all about the unexpected and quirky and this wall covering by Palace Papers is just great. Casey Gunshel is the genius (and maybe a bit scary?) person behind some other great items.


I'm going gaga over Flavor Paper's wallpaper designs!!!
I check back to their site quite often to see the latest additions to the library of fabulousness.
The "Fruits of Design" version in gold Mylar and lilac is particularly to my liking.
This paper is going on my wish list and I WILL be adding it to at least
one wall of my living room.

Paisley Perfection

I have always loved paisley and still remember my favorite paisley shirt I wore to death back in the early 80's. Maharam Design Studio has revived the classic print in a wonderfully over-sized rendition and a few gorgeous colorways. Here they've used it on a bench which would be great at the end of a bed.

Yet another project to add to my LONG list

Forever. That's how long I've been obsessed with the Mona Lisa. Some other obsessions are Paint by Numbers and Glitter. Soooooo, I've decided to combine all three into an art project for my living room wall. I will first paint the Mona Lisa (ala Paint by Numbers kit) and then add corresponding colors in glitter. The company Art Glitter makes fantastic glitter in about 400+ colors. I just now have to find the time to complete this endeavor. So much for finding a boyfriend this summer. Priorities, people, priorities!

Pretty in Pink

I'm in the process of selling some chairs in order to make more space in my tiny living room. The chair I have my eye on to replace them is the classic Panton chair. At the present, HIVE Modern has them in limited edition pink and baby blue versions. I love it! I originally was opting for the high gloss white, but how can I resist the pink??? How, I ask you!?

Guilty Pleasure

Now, these bitches are FUNNY! I can't get enough of this show. Caters to the pleasure I take in making fun of my own mother.


I hated the Fonz on that ridiculous Happy Days show. How in the hell did Henry Winkler (even the name sucks) become such a sex symbol? In any case, he did start the whole "thumbs up" revolution which obviously inspired this cute "Vous" mirror by Art Lebedev Studio.
I would love to see it adhered to the back of my front door. Even on the outside of the door could be cool as well.

Dirty Laundry

I hate, no - LOATHE, to do laundry (sorting, washing, folding - you name it). My second least favorite chore is to walk my normally overloaded bag (due to enormous procrastination) of laundry to the laundromat. I don't even DO my own laundry either so that's how much I hate dealing with it, people. But, when I came across this "money laundering" bag by Kikkerland I couldn't help but smile. I doubt this will change my distaste of unclean clothing, but it WILL make my jaunt to the "Wash-n-Go" a bit more fun.

Piracy Is Good

Alexander McQueen's skull scarves for summer '09 are just too "Pirates of the Carribean" for words - in a good way. However, I'm seeing them as pillows more than I see them worn on my head or around my neck. Backed in a coordinating velvet and these would look great in my living room. Even sewn together to make a reversible pillow would be fantastic. Ahoy!

Hollywood Shelley

One of my silly past times is to use the digital camera in my phone to take random pictures of random stuff. Often times the subject is my kitten Shelley.
Here's one of my favorite shots that I think has that Old Hollywood feel.
She totally loves to pose. I trained her well.

Spring is definitely in the air! And on my desk.

Today, despite the L train drama this morning, is turning into a beautiful day!!!
I splurged for the occasion and bought some beautiful white peonies for my platform roller skate vase. Displayed prominently on my desk I smile every time I look up.
Ah, life's simple pleasures.

Missing my friend!

My friend Olive recently moved back to London - just after we completed the design of her living room it so happens - and I'm missing her a lot this week. Even more so after stumbling across this super snazzy Union Jack chair by Dan Marty Design. I am really drawn to the hap hazard-y look the upholstery has as if made from a vintage flag. Lovely!