Not Even The Gods Fight Necessity


et that hideous thing out of my sight! 

These are the words that landed me a job in advertising. The test for the job I had interviewed for was one of "taste". Apparently, the temp doing the job at the time would put the fresh flowers my boss would bring in into the ugliest vases - think FTD in Wichita.  Well, my reaction to the vase I was shown indicated I was not to be trifled with when it came to style. Which leads me to the topic of vases and a company called Studio-A. I must reiterate here my affinity to anything Greek inspired and these designs in their cartoon-y nature just make me want to don a toga and walk around my apartment pouring my kittens some undeserved cream into their water bowls. I am somewhat of a slave to them anyway so the scene almost sounds apropos. In any case, check out the website for even more wonderful items. The tragedy here is that I'm pretty sure I can't afford any of them. The Gods are vengeful!!! 

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